Reordering Backups on Web Page?

I have quite a few different backups, some daily some less frequent. Their appearance on the web page in the order they were created, while I would like to order them by frequency.

Is there any way to change the web page ordering?

There is a feature request sitting on Git Hub to add sort functionality but as it stands there is no way to sort jobs in the list.

Yeah, no easy way. See below for hard way:

The original post leads to the crude solution. Delete them and create them again by frequency.

Make note of the Database for the backup, Export to file, Add backup based on import of that,
and either copy the old database to the newly assigned database path or move path to old DB.

Either way, be careful of scheduling. You don’t want backups running before things are fully set.
I suppose you prefer schedule present to export, but maybe unschedule+save old job after that.

To keep new clone from running too soon, the pause control can probably pause until DB is set,
or move the run schedule forward before job save to have time to get DB set up before run time.