Removing file listed as Deleting

About 1/3 way through month long backup and I wake up to these errors. What can I do? It seems to have restarted my backup?!

Typically the Expected there to be a temporary fileset for synthetic filelist errors are related to the backup job having been interrupted. What destination are you using?

What are you seeing that makes you feel it has restarted?

Chances are the interrupted DID cause your backup to re-start, but the first thing it does is scan through everything to see what was already completed so it can pick up where it last left off.

Duplicati is pretty robust, you shouldn’t have to do anything and should figure out what to do on it’s own. However, if you want to try something you could add the --disable-synthetic-filelist parameter to your backup job and see what happens.

If Duplicati detects that the previous backup did not complete, it will generate a filelist that is a merge of the last completed backup and the contents that were uploaded in the incomplete backup session.

Thank you,
I am using Backblaze B2.

The remaining to go is 1.56tb which is as if it started it all over. Now I know it does this when you restart the system and it has to search for what is on your hard drive but usually this counts down to the proper upload left, for me roughly 0.9tb to go. This time however it is still stuck at 1.56tb as if it really is starting the entire upload again!

I will try that parameter but I really hope it didn’t start all over again.

Yes - that progress bar is confusing. The bar in the web UI is showing that Duplicati is scanning all your files (in the Source list) so it can compare them to what’s already been backed up - so what it’s really doing is “scanning files for changes” and then once changed files are found the progress starts to slow down as it ALSO starts backing up the changes it found.

I didn’t mention it before, but the “500 - internal_error: Unexpected exception” in your screen shot is something that we should be able to handle better. If you look at the “global” log are you able to see the details around that error?

I didn’t see any error referencing the 500 error. I will see if it shows back up.

I set that parameter and clicked the checkmark, I restarted Dup in my unraid and let it verify, which it did.

I also still have errors and a new long string one

The error message with “500 - Unexpected” is a server error from B2.
The timeout is a bit more tricky, but it can be something related to the local network, and it can also be a B2 issue.