Remote Backup Server

I installed Duplicati 2.0 on a VM created by me with CentOS 7 installed in it as backup server.
Then I created another VM as main server on that too I installed CentOS 7.
I want to create a backup of my main server to my backup server how can it be possible please help by providing steps and also suggest me if I’m doing anything wrong

Thank You!

Duplicati isn’t really designed like some other backup products that use a client/server model.

Normally you would install Duplicati on each system you want to back up, and have each system back itself up to a unique location. (Don’t mix backups!)

Having said that, what type of backup of your server VM are you trying to take? Image level? Or file-level inside the VM?

Both cause I’m going to host websites on it.

Is there any way to take backup of main server on another backup server using Duplicati using any tools or agents?

Or steps to install Duplicati directly on CyberPanel server

I’m using CyberPanel on my main server but its backup stops after certain amount of backups.

I tried to install Duplicati directly on my server which has CentOS on which I installed CyberPanel on it but I can’t install Apache on it as its showing me this error.

[root@localhost /]# systemctl start httpd
Job for httpd.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See “systemctl status httpd.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details.

There are no agents with Duplicati. As mentioned above, it is designed to be installed directly on the machine you wish to protect. In some cases some people have tried backing up “remote” machines with Duplicati (via UNC path on Windows, for instance), but there are downsides to doing that.

In your situation if you want image level backups you can probably install Duplicati on the hypervisor and have it back up the VM files directly (VMDK, etc - not sure which hypervisor you are using). However, I have no experience with using Duplicati to protect VM files - try searching the forums. At a minimum be sure to do thorough testing and enabling snapshots is probably a requirement.

If you want to back up files within the VM, then you can install Duplicati inside your VM and configure it to protect files that way.

No idea… but did you try running that command to get more info?