Remote access to Synology NAS keeps disconnecting

I installed Mono and Duplicati on my Synology NAS using an administrator account. Everything works perfect. Mono and Duplicati are running, backups are made automatically, etc. I can access the Duplicati user interface when I am logged into the Synology NAS. The only thing that does not work is the connection from a PC to the Duplicati GUI (http://ip-adress:8200). I get the standard but empty Duplicati menu and after a few seconds the message: connection lost. I searched the forum and tried all the (non Linux technical) solutions but the issue keeps coming back. However when I am loggedin into the Synology NAS, the connection from my PC works correctly. I reinstalled Mono and Duplicati under the user id that is used on my PC to get a file connection to the NAS but that did not solve the issue.


Synology D918+ NAS, DSM 6.2.3-25426 update 3
Mono, Duplicati (Beta)

Does anybody know how I can solve this issue? Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome!

While I have a Synology NAS, I no longer use the native package and instead use a Docker container. But maybe I can help you. One step some people miss is that their user may need to be added to the “http” group. Can you give that a shot?

Hi drwtsn32,

Yes. I added all the users to the http group. I think it has something to do with the Synology security. When I am logged in into the Synology NAS (as admin) and make a remote connection with (the same PC) I get the correct screen from the Synology NAS (the screen with the backup jobs). When I then logoff from the Synology NAS and try to make the same remote connection to the NAS I get a blank Duplicati screen (without my backup jobs).After a few seconds I get the message connection lost (loops). From any other PC I always get the blank Duplicati screen and connection lost. So I thought it has to do with the user that installed Mono and Duplicati. I reinstalled both using the same userid that is used for connecting the NAS shares but that made no difference.