Relocation of appdata files

Is it possible to relocate the contents of Duplicati’s appdata folder? I have a fairly small C: drive and every new backup I create it eats up more space. My tempdir is set to another drive and works as expected. Windows 10 itself doesn’t let me move the appdata folder to another drive like you can do with Documents.

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I’d suggest converting your install to a service based install which will move the files to a different location of your choosing.

You can find instructions on how to do so in this thread “Migrating from User to Service install on Windows”, there are a few minor changes that I outline in a later post here.

If you have any issues let me know.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not familiar with cmd at all and everytime in the past I’ve dabbled, I always broke something. I’d also like to keep my tray icon as it quickly lets me see if there are any problems with my backups. However if I do really run out of space, I’ll try the steps you’ve provided. Thank you.

Haven’t seen Duplicati cause space issues with its files in AppData. But, you can either ignore the Duplicati folder there or selectively choose what you want in AppData and either should solve your issue.

I select anymore as there can be many GB of actually worthless stuff in AppData that you don’t actually need to backup and takes up quite a lot of space. Eliminating it not only speeds up the backup but saves backup space also.

This is possible even if you run duplicati as service, just a bit complex to setup. In addition using duplicati with elevated privileges allow to use the snapshot advantage. So, I encourage you to switch to service mode.

Good discussion everyone. I’ll give a possible easy-plan, then tiptoe into something a little harder.

But first, maybe a look at what’s actually going on…

Can you look to see what’s growing? If it’s the database (random-letters.sqlite), this topic is active:

Reducing size of sqlite databases

The Database menu also lets you move your database. Type its new path, click, and it gets moved.
There are few large files in AppData folder IIRC. Duplicati-server.sqlite is tiny. It’s just configuration.

–server-datafolder option or DUPLICATI_HOME environment variable documented there can do it.
You can see that at the migration to service directions link, but it doesn’t need a service to be used.
This plan is a bit tidier than moving just database, but likely requires a shortcut edit or new variable.

This should leave @smokingbenji with a few possible options. See what you think, ask as needed.

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Didn’t know I could just move the databases, thank you so much @ts678!

Problem solved.

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