Release: v2.0.6.102 (canary) 2022-04-06

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Changes in this version:
NOTE: This is a rebuild of, now signed.

  • Fixed duplicity documentation Url, thanks @beppo-dd
  • Added option to set Tencent storage class, thanks @moesoha
  • Added Poli Systems as S3 provider, thanks @IIPoliII
  • Improved automated unittests, thanks @samuel-w
  • Improved contrast ratios in themes, thanks @samuel-w
  • Improved handling of relative paths and extended device paths, thanks @dferreyra
  • UI performance improvements, thanks @ltGuillaume
  • Added exponential backup for retries, thanks @vmsh0
  • Improved filter-text-box and made log-view resizable, thanks @idotj
  • Improved error messages, thanks @warwickmm
  • Added support for old and new Dropbox AuthIDs, thanks @kenkendk
  • Improved database query performance, thanks @jedthe3rd

Really nice to see a new version out! Excellent!


Great, I’m testing this on a couple of my machines.

I am seeing the local job databases increase in size by about 20%, which I believe is due to the additional indexes designed to improve performance.

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20% could be a rather vast increase in some usage situations (none of which i implement at the moment but have in the past).
guess it’s always going to be a bit of a balancing act.