Release: (canary) 2024-03-08

Changes in this version:

  • Updated license to MIT, thanks @kenkendk
  • Fixed crash when logging startup errors, thanks @Jojo-1000
  • Updated SSH.Net, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Fixed exception happening when stopping the running backup, thanks @Jojo-1000
  • Fixed issue with connecting to server thanks @kellycampbe
  • Improved file-backend listing speed, thanks @Jojo-1000
  • Added support for IPv6 addresses as hostnames, thanks @Jojo-1000
  • Added AliyunOSS backend, thanks @trueai-org
  • Added fix to not show empty form on restarts, thanks @kenkendk
  • Updated Uplink for Storj to 2.12, thanks @gpatel-fr and @kenkendk
  • Added machine and backup id options for reports, thanks @kenkendk
  • Fixed issues with using alternate OAuth server url, thanks @gpatel-fr and @kenkendk

I updated from .100 on Windows 11/Server 2022, Debian and Fedora and all working well so far.

Did you see any issues with executables on Fedora? There is a report in #5122 that mentions problems with setting the executable flag in this package.

I need to check again later today after some more backups have run, but that specific problem I have not seen on my Fedora 38 server.

The only odd things so far are but don’t seem to be affecting backups:

  • Same FC38, server shows this as empty, none of the other installations on Windows/Debian have the problem:

  • On all Windows this is being logged - I think I saw it it on Linux as well but I will see later today if that’s the case, so looks like it’s being loaded for all OSes when it’s not applicable:

I’ll try to update this later today.

Looks like the Xamarin.Mac.dll file is not being removed from non-Mac packages as it should be.