Release: (experimental) 2021-04-09

First experimental build in over a year!

We have been hard at work adding new features and fixing issues. This experimental release is a roll-up of all the fixes since the last experimental build and is expected to cause very few issues when upgrading.

A big thanks to all Duplicati contributors, supporters, fans and users for keeping the project evolving and improving.

New in this version

  • Added Tardigrade backend
  • Added Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS)
  • More Docker image versions
  • Improved long-path support on Windows

We changed some larger things that you should be aware of when upgrading.

The SSH backend has been updated

This update increases the security by prefering stronger encryption algorithms.
However, this can cause failing backups as the host key is reported as “changed”.
If this happens, edit the backup and update the host key.

Database version update from v10 to v11!

Downgrade from this version requires manually adjusting the version number in the database. The additions can be re-applied if the database is upgraded again later.

Other changes that needs attention

  • Duplicati now requires Mono 5.10 or greater
  • S3 and Sharepoint option names on commandline now uses - for consistency (previously used _)