Release: (canary) 2020-03-25

  • Improved log messags when using retetion rules, thanks @warwickmm
  • Added logging for USN soft-failures, thannks @drwtsn32x
  • Improved regexp magic for parsing Windows, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Fixed storing dlist file after interrupted backup, thanks @seantempleton
  • Improved logic around throttle values, thanks @seantempleton
  • Fixed issues with Windows metadata and inheritance, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Major code cleanup, removing unused members and other, thanks @warwickmm
  • Corrected retry attempts log message, thanks @warwickmm
  • Fixed device-type reports on Mono, thanks @warwickmm
  • Improved error messages during HTTP timeouts in some cases, thanks @warwickmm
  • Reworked the MS-Graph backend to use an alternate HTTP implementation, thanks @tygill
  • Fixed some cases where an interrupted backup could cause database corruption, thanks @seantempleton
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Updated here on my Fedora 31 server - for this and v30 you have to rebuild the RPM as follows:

Provides needs added:
Provides:      mono(appindicator-sharp) =
Provides:      mono(policy.0.0.appindicator-sharp) =
Provides:      mono(policy.0.1.appindicator-sharp) =

Requires needs added:
Requires:      mono(gdk-sharp) =
Requires:      mono(glib-sharp) =
Requires:      mono(gtk-sharp) =
Requires:      mono(mscorlib) =

I hope I’m not misreading this site, but isn’t the Docker build of this missing?
Build true multi-arch Docker images and add arm64 #4058 might be related.

Yes, it appears to be missing. I checked the registry and don’t see


I am trying to do a rebuild of the Docker images right now.
edit: all images are now rebuilt and pushed without any apparent error messages.

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