Release: (canary) 2020-02-18

This is a rebuild of with a fix for MacOS packages

  • Improved performance of the recovery-tool, thanks @tfriedel and @warwickmm
  • Debian and RPM packages now require Mono 5.0, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Fixed issue with USN returning too many results, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Code quality improvements, thanks @warwickmm
  • Added .odg and .otg as compressed file types, thanks @warwickmm
  • Improved USN changes by looking at size and attributes, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Code quality improvements, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Unittest improvements, thanks @warwickmm
  • The OVH backend now points to Keystone v3, thanks @warwickmm
  • Fixed allowing minutes in retention rules, thanks @Pectojin
  • Fixed loading SQLite on Windows, thanks @warwickmm

I’ve been able to update my Fedora and Raspbian based installs with this version and so far so good. Will do all my Windows machines when I have sorted out some other issues.