Release: (experimental) 2020-01-03

This is once again a cumulative release for more than 6 months of hard work.
This release has a large number of stability improvements and speed optimizations.

If you are using macOS, please re-install from the .dmg or .pkg, as the launcher has been updated to work with GateKeeper.
Using the built-in update mechanism will not update the launcer and will not work well with GateKeeper on macOS Catalina.

A big thanks to the community members who work hard with fixing issues and responding on the forum:


Thanks! Glad I could move away from canary now! Working great, as usual!

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Is this build the same as Canary v2.0.4.38?

Looks like it, except of course for a change log update and a numbering change. Use this to see all:

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@kenkendk, should we edit the announcement to mention that this requires mono 5.0 or greater?

@kenkendk :
Again, I ask you to please state the db versions in the release notice. It is crucial to know when and upgrade will also upgrade one or both db versions.

Yes, we can edit the forum and github messages. The update notice is signed, so it is problematic to update it.

I will forget this many times, so I suggest we make it automatic. The build script can read the database version from the schema file and inject it into the release note text. If we keep a text file with the previous version, we can automatically add a warning if the database version increases.

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server  backup  release
6       10      v2.0.5.0-
6       9       v2.0.4.21-
6       8       v2.0.4.5- and v2.0.4.23-

Sources URLs look like: backup DB had Version 7 in schema file, but should have had 8. The DB itself gets 8.
Generally I think the plan is to have the Version track the update steps, but this didn’t, back to

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A big thank you to all the contributors! Switching from the last beta to this release was seamless via the web ui on Windows. Seems to be working well.