Release: (canary) 2019-10-19

  • Updated translations, thanks all translators!
  • Improved computing EPOCH style timestamps, thanks @kylestanfield
  • Cleanup for removing deleted volumes with incorrect timestamps, thanks @BlueBlock
  • Improved progress when deleting volumes, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Fixed an issue with ignoring the --tempdir option, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Fixed an issue restoring from a single-file backup, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Fixed filename color in dark theme, thanks @mithileshz
  • Improved documentation and help texts, thanks @warwickmm
  • Fixed parsing %u-style encoded unicode in URLs, thanks @warwickmm
  • Fixed cases where a filelists could be omitted from dindex files, thanks @warwickmm
  • Added a new tray-icon for the warning state, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Fixed a retry error where uploaded dindex-files would reference non-existing dblock files, thanks @warwickmm
  • Code quality improvements, thanks @warwickmm
  • Fixed a case where purging a single file would purge all other files, if the filesystem is case-sensitive, thanks @warwickmm

@drwtsn32 Thanks, confirmed to be working as expected now.

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[] Issue: cannot create a new backup job #3955 is happening on some systems, as a possible regression. It’s working for me though. If you’re on this release, does it work for you? If not, could you please open a forum support topic on it for discussion among those who would rather discuss it here?

EDIT: Issue has some progress notes. Looks like it affects people in time zones UTC+#. Needs a fix…

FWIW, the auto-downloader seems to be having some issues at the moment - the interface shows the download progress bar proceed just a little bit and then it disappears without any explanation.