Release: (canary) 2019-09-05

  • Updated CoCoL and WiX to fix rollback and upgrade errors, thanks @BlueBlock

I was able to upgrade a .22 install to .28 without issue and it seems to be working. Will report back if I discover any other issues.

Would you happen to know if there are parameters for the MSI to control the install options? I’d like to script the installation/upgrade but I need to be able to disable the shortcut creation and stop it automatically start after installation (as it’s a service).

I do not know how to configure the MSI packages. Someone with greater experience in WiX can perhaps help out.

I added the shortcut and auto-start features, so it should be possible to change the WiX code to accept parameters that turn them off.

Ok, thanks so for now I’ll stick to manual updates and look out for possible inclusion of parameters in the future (I’ll log a change request).

I tried to install on win7 x64, but from this error of lack AlphaVSS.x64.dll I installed all the packages concerning vsual C ++ but it continues to give me error

I see a lot of reports of issues upgrading from to any of the later canaries on Windows, but what about Linux, did anybody experience any issue? I’ll probably hold off updating a few more days, but it would be good to know if these issues affect Linux too before doing that :slight_smile:

I upgraded my Debian system without issue.


I upgraded from to without issue (Arch Linux).

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My system is Manjaro, based on Arch, so I guess I’ll be fine. Thanks!

Obiviously Ubuntu version update worked as well without any problems.