Release (canary) 2019-06-25

Changes in this version:

  • Show vacuum operation in status, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Remove deprectated options and code from backends, thanks @warwickmm
  • Improved timeout handling for OAuth login, thanks @warwickmm
  • Improved names of backup databases, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Removed the Google Plus icon, thanks @locked-fg
  • Added warnings about AmzCD closing
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This version doesn’t seem to be detected by the internal updater.
On all computers running version, the updater doesn’t find a new version.

Thanks for notifying me!

There was an issue with the build script not getting a refresh from the update server. It is fixed now.

I assume this only affects newly-created backup sets?

Any time database schema is updated, Duplicati will create a backup of that sqlite database. So if you upgrade to a newer version of Duplicati that has made some schema changes, you’ll see a backup created.

I believe I’ve also seen it on new backup sets for some reason - not sure why the new database isn’t just created with the latest schema.

This code change causes the original database filename to be included as part of the backup filename. (It does not change why or how often backups are made.) Previously the backup filenames were just “backup timestamp.sqlite” - now it’s “backup origfilename timestamp.sqlite”

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Upon initial reading I interpreted this change item to mean that actual backup set databases would have improved naming, but now I see where I was wrong I think.

Maybe you’re thinking about the actual database filename that is associated to a backup set? Those are supposed to be 10 random letters, but there was a bug where the filename was 20 random numbers. That issue was fixed but only for new databases/backup sets.