Release: (experimental) 2018-11-08

This is a collection release that is based on the canary build.

The major changes in this version are:

  • New multi-threaded processing engine
  • New logging system with filter options
  • Better external reporting, with JSON support
  • Filter groups to exclude common unwanted files
  • Ignore filenames and empty folders added
  • USN support on Windows
  • Improved repair and validation
  • Fixed reading password from console
  • UID and GID now correctly restored on Linux/BSD/MacOS
  • Added a number of new languages to the user interface

And of course many, many, other updates and fixes contributed by the Duplicati community.

A big thanks to all who contributes fixes, reportes issues, and participate on the forum!


upgrade from latest-but-one canary (which is also the base install) to the experimental did correctly restart the server (on synology)!


Thanks @kenkendk! Just to confirm, this DOES include the OneDrive Graph API so is a precursor to a OD Graph API supported beta, correct?

And for those (like myself) that can’t remember what type of release is what ot’s canary -> experimental -> beta -> stable. :slight_smile:

This post includes a quick summary of the different release channels:

Yes it does include onedrive v2

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Yes, if nothing bad is reported, I will make a beta build identical to the experimental.

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Nice work! Looking forward to the beta release!

Regarding the Microsoft Graph backends (OneDrive v2 and others), the official duplicati/duplicati Docker image still seems to be having trouble finding these, and in fact it sometimes can’t even find the old API from same .dll.

Official docker image is not including all backends #3198 includes a detailed summary of my investigation effort, which I doubt will come to a definite conclusion (lack of Docker debugger, plus lack of dynamic loader expertise).

OnedriveV2 not available as provider choice got a non-technical request for feedback on exactly what’s missing.

As mentioned here (OnedriveV2 not available as provider choice) I see the complete list (including Onedrive v2) after updating to experimental in both the official and linuxserver Docker containers.

But I do agree that they were missing from the official container even after updating to canary (I didn’t not test the Linuxserver container).

For those that might care, I was able to easily downgrade from experimental to canary with no database issues at all.

Great! I took courage and upgraded from beta to experimental. So far I have not noticed issues.

This is just an FYI that I noticed with the Docker container (in my case running Duplicati experimental) any extra folders in the Destination for a job caused the error below.

This error did not happen with the previous or subsequent containers.

Happy backing-up! :slight_smile:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file '/backups/_MyCustomSubfolder'.
File name: '/backups/_MyCustomSubfolder'
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.BackendManager.List () [0x00049] in <365e0052627a43cbb8447250519b5a7f>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.FilelistProcessor.RemoteListAnalysis (Duplicati.Library.Main.BackendManager backend, Duplicati.Library.Main.Options options, Duplicati.Library.Main.Database.LocalDatabase database, Duplicati.Library.Main.IBackendWriter log, System.String protectedfile) [0x0000d] in <365e0052627a43cbb8447250519b5a7f>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.FilelistProcessor.VerifyRemoteList (Duplicati.Library.Main.BackendManager backend, Duplicati.Library.Main.Options options, Duplicati.Library.Main.Database.LocalDatabase database, Duplicati.Library.Main.IBackendWriter log, System.String protectedfile) [0x00000] in <365e0052627a43cbb8447250519b5a7f>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.BackupHandler.PreBackupVerify (Duplicati.Library.Main.BackendManager backend, System.String protectedfile) [0x0010d] in <365e0052627a43cbb8447250519b5a7f>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.BackupHandler+<RunAsync>d__19.MoveNext () [0x01028] in <365e0052627a43cbb8447250519b5a7f>:0 
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
  at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw () [0x0000c] in <a6f810169ec746eeb2789b925e2858c0>:0 
  at CoCoL.ChannelExtensions.WaitForTaskOrThrow (System.Threading.Tasks.Task task) [0x00050] in <6973ce2780de4b28aaa2c5ffc59993b1>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.BackupHandler.Run (System.String[] sources, Duplicati.Library.Utility.IFilter filter) [0x00008] in <365e0052627a43cbb8447250519b5a7f>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller+<>c__DisplayClass13_0.<Backup>b__0 (Duplicati.Library.Main.BackupResults result) [0x00035] in <365e0052627a43cbb8447250519b5a7f>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller.RunAction[T] (T result, System.String[]& paths, Duplicati.Library.Utility.IFilter& filter, System.Action`1[T] method) [0x00271] in <365e0052627a43cbb8447250519b5a7f>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller.Backup (System.String[] inputsources, Duplicati.Library.Utility.IFilter filter) [0x00068] in <365e0052627a43cbb8447250519b5a7f>:0 
  at Duplicati.Server.Runner.Run (Duplicati.Server.Runner+IRunnerData data, System.Boolean fromQueue) [0x00307] in <6abd47b91a774213b482ed288fd091a2>:0