Release: (canary) 2018-06-30

  • Fixed an issue with dectection HyperV, thanks @mnaiman
  • Default to exclude the System State VSS writers, thanks @mnaiman
  • Fixed an issue where restores from the GUI would not autodetect blocksize and other parameters
  • Fixed an issue with VSS failing to map the paths
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Thanks for the update. I always had to go back to, because with and after came slow backups and tons of warnings (# of files?). Trying now.

Oh well. As for “Datensicherung”, I have deleted amd recreated the database beforehand.

Warning while running [G] Datensicherung
Got 32875 warning(s)
Warning while running [Local] Android
Got 63844 warning(s)

If you are considering updating to please note that we are looking into an issue that seems to be related --snapshot-policy being enabled causing MORE than the Source folders to be included in the backup (at least on Windows systems).

Not sure if I want, btw, an Update typically goes like this:

  • Download

  • Activate

  • “Cannot do, there’s jobs in Queue”

  • Start Server

  • Cancel job 1

  • Cancel job 2 (several seconds)

  • Cancel job 3 (takes minutes, Duplicati loves to count files before cancel)

  • Update, yay…

Not sure if that’s still an issue with newer versions but it sounds like the Cancel issue may be getting some attention…

IDK, I’m using yesterdays and it does not interrupt on “Starting backup”. Which takes minutes on many files.