Release: (canary) 2018-06-30


  • Fixed an issue with dectection HyperV, thanks @mnaiman
  • Default to exclude the System State VSS writers, thanks @mnaiman
  • Fixed an issue where restores from the GUI would not autodetect blocksize and other parameters
  • Fixed an issue with VSS failing to map the paths


Thanks for the update. I always had to go back to, because with and after came slow backups and tons of warnings (# of files?). Trying now.


Oh well. As for “Datensicherung”, I have deleted amd recreated the database beforehand.

Warning while running [G] Datensicherung
Got 32875 warning(s)
Warning while running [Local] Android
Got 63844 warning(s)


If you are considering updating to please note that we are looking into an issue that seems to be related --snapshot-policy being enabled causing MORE than the Source folders to be included in the backup (at least on Windows systems).