Release: (canary) 2018-06-17

  • Added option to exclude empty folders
  • Added option to exclude folders based on the existence of a marker file
  • Changed the generation of index files to avoid pulling them from a database query
  • Fixed an issue that would create large index files
  • Improved the recreate logic to work if some files are missing, but the data exists in other files
  • Fixed spacing in the status bar UI, thanks @SanduRajapakse
  • Optimized unittests for serialization, thanks @warwickmm
  • Improved commandline parsing, thanks @verhoek
  • Added support for using the USN numbers for faster backups on NTFS drives, thanks @dgehri
  • Added Duplicati program version in status results, thanks @drwtsn32x
  • Added thread safe collections to the Synology auth handler, thanks @warwickmm
  • Improved code readability, thanks @warwickmm
  • Removed all calls to Console.WriteLine as it could lock up the console on Windows
  • Added Memset Cloud Storage to OpenStack providers, thanks @tnwhitwell
  • Refactored GoogleDrive backend, thanks @verhoek
  • Improved unittest scripts, thanks @verhoek
  • Optimized some string operations, thanks @warwickmm
  • Fixed a few issues with the commandline interface, thanks @verhoek
  • Updated built-in help for the new --log-level options, thanks @tygill
  • Code cleanup and standardization, thanks @warwickmm
  • Fixed issue on OneDrive (MSGraph) that would fail when trying to delete a missing file, thanks @tygill
  • Added additional help text for the dblock size picker UI
  • Added UI validation for B2 paths
  • No longer restoring metadata on symlinks by default, as that updated the targets
  • Fixed an issue with OAuth timeouts, thanks @tygill
  • Fixed an issue with overriding the temporary folder, thanks @verhoek
  • Fixed an issue with clearing callcontext settings, thanks @verhoek
  • Fixed an issue with shared buffers causing validation errors when running multiple index file generators
  • Improved the repair and broken file detection, thanks @tygill
  • Refactored the Google Cloud Storage backend, thanks @verhoek
  • Improved error message and handling for source folders with permission issues, thanks @verhoek
  • Fixed a problem with recreating symlinks on Windows, thanks @snamds
  • Improved handling of the console input/output, thanks @verhoek
  • Fixed a race in the webserver when decoding locale, thanks @verhoek
  • Added an option to disable automatic login from the tray icon
  • Fixed some incorrect status reports being generated during backup
  • Fixed an null-error in the backend, thanks @warwickmm

Thanks for the update!

As a point of clarification, the new --exclude-empty-folders Advanced option is described as the following which, to me, is a bit unclear as to whether it EXCLUDES them from being backed up or REMOVES them from an existing backup / version.

Use this option to remove all empty folders from a backup.
Default value: “false”

Functionally, as a checkbox I’m assuming it simply excludes them from being backed up.

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I don’t know if it’s the update or my system but I found that on the two machines I’ve in-GUI updated so far:

  • the Docker container updated & restarted just fine (though the need to manually refresh the GUI page to get the login prompt is still there)
  • the Windows 10 machine running as service updated but did NOT restart the service (after manually starting it everything seemed to be working as expected)

It excludes them from future backups. It never changes existing stuff.

I have seen reports of this, but unfortunately it is hard to debug the updater, so I am not sure exactly what happens.

FWIW, my work laptop regularly behaves this way when using the in-GUI updater (i’m using the vanilla install, not running as a service) - I always have to manually restart Duplicati after the install, though after that everything’s fine.

I’ve noticed the same thing, sort of.

With a full screen window I just see a left justified job name and a right justified ": ". When the deleting remove files and verifying files steps happen I start seeing the green background on the progress bar.

I tried resizing the window and the expected file count stats appeared.


A few questions about some of the updates:

  1. Where do I find docs on how the marker file works?

  2. Does the “Fixed an issue with overriding the temporary folder” update apply to this? Linux tempdir not affective

  3. Was there a specific failure scenario the “Improved the repair and broken file detection” update was aimed at or was it just general enhancement?

Regarding point 2. Yes, that should fix the issue.

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you guys have been really busy. Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated.

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