Release (beta) 2018-04-02

This beta release contains many changes, a quick summary of changes:

  • Fixed not running the slow VACUUM command after each operation
  • Fixed a problem with SSL certificates periodically failing
  • Added Sia and rclone backends
  • Updated the hashing library to use faster native libraries where available
  • Added a new retention policy and UI which allows backup versions to decrease over time
  • Updated the auto-updater, such that new installs will spawn an extra process instead of using the AppDomain method as previously done.
  • Faster browsing of files to restore
  • Removed automatic tilde expansions as it created numerous problems
  • Multiple new languages added to the UI
  • Fixed a number of browser cache issues, which should fix the XSRF errors
  • Fixed not attempting to read non-symlink reparse points on Windows
  • Fixed some crashes that were caused by the usage reporter filling up reports

Thanks to the many contributors who worked hard to get this release ready!


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I realize this is a bit late, but when removing the tilde expansions does that mean in the Destination path selections? If so, won’t that affect already set up jobs using those expansions?

Yes, it will change existing backups.

We discussed it a bit, and the consensus was that the tilde expansion was problematic and unlikely to work reliably (on Windows anyway), so we opted for removing it.

It affects source folders, destination folder and filters.