Release: (canary) 2018-03-06

  • Rebuilt the style.css file
  • Added support in all backends for reloading DNS names when the error indicates a DNS error
  • Removed some default filters (still disabled by default), thanks @tygill
  • Fixed a parsing case for the ‘U’ parameter, thanks @TekkiWuff
  • Fixed a problem with IE not loading the page correctly, thanks @TekkiWuff
  • Fixed a problem with setting the initial password on the server and some change-password issues, thanks @mnaiman

I had to force a cache reload, but now the live log height fix works :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely working now =)


So the style fixes are good, and the changes to retention policy are also working as expected.

I have not tested the password fixes from @mnaiman. Have any of you tested them?

I just tested it and it didn’t work when I set the password and tried to login. But then I realized I had not updated on this machine.

It works perfectly if you remember to update :slight_smile:

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So… we include it in the experimental?

I mean, unless there are some command-line implications. I don’t personally use the command-line, so I haven’t tested it with the NOHOSTEDSERVER_OPTION and READCONFIGFROMDB_OPTION options.

I also tested the U functionality on a couple of backups and it’s looking good.

I replaced 1D:0s,7D:8h,4W:1W,10Y:1M with 1D:U,7D:8h,4W:1W,U:1M on a couple of backups sets with 20+ backups the past day and a couple the past 2-3 months. No backups were deleted (as expected since the policies are “equal”)

I also tried U:U just for fun, which also did not cause any of my backups to spontaneously combust.

Wait, is that a “keep forever” shortcut??? :slight_smile:

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Yep :slight_smile:

Might be a bit overkill to define it that way, but it proves a point