Release: (Canary) 2018-02-11





That’s how I deal with leap year and leap seconds in my policy


I think this is a blocker for the experimental release. Users should be able to upgrade without hassles.


I think this issue is related: "Smart backup retention" causes error: Retention value must be more than 5 minutes · Issue #3010 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

I’ve seen a couple of variations of Duplicati not handling keep-time and retention-policy options well after retention-policy UI was added. And it got worse in now that they’re actually mutually exclusive.

I think we should aim for some backend logic to handle this gracefully for the experimental milestone.


Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to me like the solution to this was (somehow successfully) clearing out the keep-time setting; the counter-intuitive thing was that simply selecting another option wasn’t sufficient to have Duplicati ignore the value that it used to hold. If I’m remembering correctly, then it seems like this particular part might be an easy thing to address within the code.

That still doesn’t help for people suddenly getting error messages because they have both values set (i.e. a keep-time setting in the UI and a retention policy via advanced option), but still…


I’m not sure how we best deal with that. It gives an error, so it won’t break their backup, but it wasn’t a very user friendly error if i remember correctly.


It just happened to me yesterday - I don’t remember particularly what the message said but I was able to find my way to the setting pretty quickly at least. I agree in general that some error messages could be better at guiding the user to the right spot to take care of the issue.


I was about to suggest just checking on page load, but it also just feel like an awful waste of resources to check every time you load the application.

But maybe that’s necessary? A check that deals with issues when people upgrade from legacy versions?