Releae: (canary) 2023-12-27

This canary is a bugfix release with error reporting improvements, no database format change.
Options changes:
--s3-disable-chunk-encoding added to the AWS backend (only useful for some providers)
--full-remote-verification changes from a boolean option to a tri-valued one. Existing configurations should not be impacted.
--aftp-log-to-console and --aftp-log-privateinfo-to-console added to the Alternative Ftp backend (for debugging purposes only)
--repair-force-block-use added to the database rebuild process (only for very damaged databases)


  • Fix various bugs with backup filters, thanks @jojo-1000
  • Fix highlighting in restore file picker, thanks @jojo-1000
  • Update mail libraries, thanks gpatel-fr
  • Remove dead facebook link and add doc link, thanks @jojo-1000
  • Remove obsolete hubic backend, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Remove obsolete tool TlsTest, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Update Serbian translation, thanks @sagitarion
  • Improve result reporting for interrupted/failed backups, thanks @jojo-1000
  • Add return code 3 to help.txt, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Fix missing file error caused by interrupted compact, thanks @jojo-1000 and @warwickmm
  • Include exception type and message in job log, thanks @jojo-1000
  • Update thirdparty info to remove obsolete references, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Remove JS error in negated ‘IN’ expressions, fixing bad restore prompt (thanks @gorosgobe and Bloomberg)
  • Update restsharp, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Update FluentFTP (Alternative FTP) to 46.0.2 and fixes for initial directory creation, thanks @taz-il
  • Add console log to the Alternative FTP backend, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Fix hidden username and password options when changing backends, thanks @jojo-1000
  • Add option to disable chunked encoding for AWS S3, thanks @jojo-1000
  • Specify the name of the backup when reporting failures, thanks @taz-il
  • Allow to perform tests without checking file list, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Enhance database rebuilding of very damaged databases, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Set the job state to error when post backup verification fails, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Allow full-remote-verification to target only list and index files, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Fix restore search error in RestoreController, thanks @jojo-1000
  • Replace agsXmpp with Sharp.Xmpp, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Set default log level to Dryrun if dryrun option is set, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Enhance Python restore tool, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Report all filesets in error in VerifyConsistency, thanks @gpatel-fr
  • Remove reliance on statusText for error messages (http2 proxy support), thanks @jojo-1000
  • Keep user-defined whitespace in description field (allow multiline support), thanks @jojo-1000
  • Force a vacuum of bug report database for privacy reasons, thanks @gpatel-fr

This is absolutely fantastic! I’ve been waiting this version so much. If it actually works (which I don’t doubt, because it wasn’t that complicated after all). Then I would say that Duplicati should be ready for actual release, and out of beta!

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This is excellent timing. I was just looking to test out one of the recent changes for when recreating larger databases and now I dont have to compile it myself and can just use this canary build. Cheers!

Nice work everyone! Appreciate the contributions!

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