Redundancy doubts

I searshed for, and didn’t find any similar.
Talking about using duplicati with sia.
I want to find out, when you choose redundancy “2” the file will be just duplicated? As I know, sia creates a 10x minimum redundancy, isn’t right? Or redundancy 2 is 30 and 1 is 10?. Thanks a lot.

From what I remember having read some months ago, SIA will split and upload each file in such a way that you only need eg. 10 out of 12 parts to reconstruct your file. Not sure it will put those parts at separate contracts but it would only be logical to do so. This is a redundancy of 1.2. I believe this is a parameter you can set.

But it’s been a while so I could be wrong.


A quick Google tells me it splits in 30 files/hosts and you need only 10 to reconstruct. So redundancy is 3.


Thanks, but, reduncacy 3 in duplicati is 30files/hosts in sia?

all info can be found over here

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