Recreating database

I made full backup, total 41 GB. It passed without error (but it takes more than 5 days)
After that i exported configuration file, install Duplicati on another server (both server 2016), imported configuration file and tried to restore a folder with files total size aprox 10 MB.
2 hours passed, Running task: Recreating database … Process stuck nearly 90%

Mar 3, 2019 10:50 PM: CommitRestoredBlocklist took 0:00:00:00.023
Mar 3, 2019 10:50 PM: Starting - CommitRestoredBlocklist
Mar 3, 2019 10:50 PM: ExecuteNonQuery: INSERT INTO “BlocksetEntry” (“BlocksetID”, “Index”, “BlockID”) SELECT DISTINCT “H”.“BlocksetID”, “H”.“Index”, “H”.“BlockID” FROM (SELECT “E”.“BlocksetID” AS “BlocksetID”, “D”.“FullIndex” AS “Index”, “F”.“ID” AS “BlockID” FROM ( SELECT “E”.“BlocksetID”, “F”.“Index” + (“E”.“BlocklistIndex” * 3200) AS “FullIndex”, “F”.“BlockHash”, MIN(102400, “E”.“Length” - ((“F”.“Index” + (“E”.“BlocklistIndex” * 3200)) * 102400)) AS “BlockSize”, “E”.“Hash”, “E”.“BlocklistSize”, “E”.“BlocklistHash” FROM ( SELECT * FROM ( SELECT “A”.“BlocksetID”, “A”.“Index” AS “BlocklistIndex”, MIN(3200 * 32, (((“B”.“Length” + 102400 - 1) / 102400) - (“A”.“Index” * (3200))) * 32) AS “BlocklistSize”, “A”.“Hash” AS “BlocklistHash”, “B”.“Length” FROM “BlocklistHash” A, “Blockset” B WHERE “B”.“ID” = “A”.“BlocksetID” ) C, “Block” D WHERE “C”.“BlocklistHash” = “D”.“Hash” AND “C”.“BlocklistSize” = “D”.“Size” ) E, “TempBlocklist-263B44EE691D0C4AA7D6E06ACC328B7B” F WHERE “F”.“BlocklistHash” = “E”.“Hash” ORDER BY “E”.“BlocksetID”, “FullIndex” ) D, “BlocklistHash” E, “Block” F, “Block” G WHERE “D”.“BlocksetID” = “E”.“BlocksetID” AND “D”.“BlocklistHash” = “E”.“Hash” AND “D”.“BlocklistSize” = “G”.“Size” AND “D”.“BlocklistHash” = “G”.“Hash” AND “D”.“Blockhash” = “F”.“Hash” AND “D”.“BlockSize” = “F”.“Size” UNION SELECT “Blockset”.“ID” AS “BlocksetID”, 0 AS “Index”, “Block”.“ID” AS “BlockID” FROM “Blockset”, “Block”, “TempSmalllist-1533A2445EED534C80C7409253C9BBB0” S WHERE “Blockset”.“Fullhash” = “S”.“FileHash” AND “S”.“BlockHash” = “Block”.“Hash” AND “S”.“BlockSize” = “Block”.“Size” AND “Blockset”.“Length” = “S”.“BlockSize” AND “Blockset”.“Length” <= 102400 ) H WHERE (“H”.“BlocksetID” || ‘:’ || “H”.“Index”) NOT IN (SELECT (“ExistingBlocksetEntries”.“BlocksetID” || ‘:’ || “ExistingBlocksetEntries”.“Index”) FROM “BlocksetEntry” “ExistingBlocksetEntries” ) took 0:00:00:00.001

FWIW I’m in the same position and, from reading a bunch of threads here, recreating can take forever especially if there are a lot of backup versions and there’s little to no indication that anything’s actually happening.

However, if you’re on Windows, you can use Windows built-in Resource Monitor and go to the Disk section and you’ll be able to see IO reads and writes to the Duplicati temp directory from the System process which - and if there’s a developer out there please tell me if this is correct - I assume means something’s happening even if it looks like it isn’t.

It,s a good idea, but I stopped restoring.
I will try to do it with synthetic small test.
In general, I start to fear about data in the case of recovery to another computer.
also a big problem is recovery time.