Recreating database but no files restored

I’m trying to restore my files from a back up I created on unRaid using a docker container of duplicati. I have been able for to follow the steps the gui restore process asks for. I have been able to see my directories I have restored and choose which and where to restore them to. Once I choose I just see recreating database. I can see on one folder where duplicati is creating the database and see the files grow in size. After some time go back to check on the progress of duplicati and it says no scheduled tasks and there isn’t any of my files restored. I set up the back up to backup to an external hdd. I know my data is there the disk usage matches the amount of data I had originally.

Could some one plz tell me what im doing wrong? I saw some one else have the similar issue but his issue was never resolved. Plz help.

Link of how I have the container setup

Hello and welcome!

Can you elaborate on your situation? Is the original machine or docker container no longer doing backups, and you are trying to do a restore?

I was trying to do a restore and I was originally trying it on a docker container. Ran it on windows laptops and now it’s working. I had a suspicion that on unRaid the webpage was timing out. I had one instance where I refreshed the page and I got an error saying that process had already been started. I would then have to restart the process again. I tired it with just one file a and it worked. Now I have it doing all my data. The laptop is on and plugged into power so it doesn’t go to sleep. Hopefully it will help any one else having the same issue.