Recreate and repair the database automatically in case of backup failures

I make use of duplicati in 6 clients, I see that every week I need to see the errors that happen, most of the time only solving by recreating the bank again.
I believe and congratulate the project, I confess that I’m tired of seeing these little mistakes, I follow the forum every day to learn new features.

I will make use of this year and help the project, if this continues I will study another tool.

At this point, is there a parameter that after three or more failures it would recreate the bank again, considering that I am only solving my problems in this way?
Thank you

I don’t know of any internal method (or external script) that would detect the number of failures and automatically rebuild the database.

I suppose it’s possible you could log your job runs to a text file then scan the file and if the error message appears more than 3 times start a database recreate from the command line.

But such a process shouldn’t be necessary as there are many users (myself included) who (almost) never need to run a database repair. It might be better to look at the actual errors you are having to see if it’s possible to avoid them in the first place.

follow the problem that I am passing, on Saturday the backup worked perfectly, today when running the backup gave problems, I needed to repair the bank …
I’m downgrading to version v2.0.3.5- being the best in the issue of betas, version 6 and 7 at some point still takes a lot of backups.
I see that this tool is more stable in Linux, in Windows I’ve got a lot of problems.

Duplicate error …

The database was attempted repaired, but the repair did not complete.
This database may be incomplete and the backup process cannot continue.
You may delete the local database and attempt to repair it again.

That sounds like a good first step, though I should point out that is a canary (alpha) version. The most recent beta is

Unfortunately, at present an interrupted repair can not be continued. You can try another repair, but most likely you will need to do a database Recreate (Delete + Create).[quote=“Anderson_Marcelo, post:3, topic:3918”]
in Windows I’ve got a lot of problems.
Do all your a Windows problems require a repair or are there other Warnings or Errors you are getting?

I’m also having quite a few backup failure issues with Duplicati So you are recommending as a first step to downgrade to Beta

Sort of - I would recommend downgrading to canary (or older, so beta is a valid option) as a way to isolate whether the version of Duplicati you are running is the source of the issues you’re running into.

The version is the last version BEFORE a large multi-threading code update which seems to have introduced a few issues. If downgrading to that (or older) DOES resolve the problems you’re seeing, that’s great. It gives you a “base” you can feel confident returning to if future updates re-introduce the problems.

Of course if a pre- version does NOT resolve the issues, then it might be worth opening a separate topic with the specific errors you’re seeing so we can try to figure out if it’s something else with Duplicati, and issue with your destination, a transmission (internet) problem, or something else.

As a reminder of what’s mentioned in the downgrading guide below, you should not downgrade below unless you are OK digging around in the database to change a few database version numbers.