Recreate an old backup scheme

I have been running Duplicati2 client on Windows accessing a duplicati database on a synology NAS. Now, I have a new PC with a new Windows installation. I would like to use the old Duplicati 2 setup on the new PC. How can I recreate the old Duplicati backup scheme?

Hi @traumtz, welcome to the forum!

If you still have access to the old system (Synology NAS?) then you should be able to the job “Export” menu item to save the job as a file. Copy that file to the new machine and use the main menu “Add backup” option, select “Import from a file”, and browse to the saved config.

If you don’t have access to the old machine again you’ll have to manually create the backup job. By pointing it to the same destination path as the old job it will complain about seeing unexpected files. Just do the database repair as the message suggests and it should pick up where the other one left off.

Note that Duplicati keeps a local database of what’s been backed up to the destination. When you set up a job (import or manually create) pointing to an existing Destination it will need to take some time to rebuild that local database.

However, you can copy over the database from the old machine to the new one. On the old machine you can use the job “Database …” menu to get to a page that has a “Local database path” field. Just copy the file shown in that field to your new computer and after setting up the new job, again go into “Database…” and paste in the path to wherever you saved the database and click the “Save” button.

Please note that you should not have BOTH the old and new machines pointing to the same destination path as that will cause all sorts of scary looking error messages.