Recover files deleted a long time ago

Hello all,

I have using Duplicati for a while, but this week i was trying to recover a bunch of folder with documents and i having trouble getting the files.

I dont have a date of when the files were deleted and when i try to restore from the most recent date of backup the files are NOT restored.

In settings i have enable the option “all-versions” and i see the files but cant restore.

How can i get this files? I have setup the backup with the option inteligence retention.

any help will be apreciate.


Welcome to the forum @fdiogo


When searching for files, only the most recent backup is searched. Use this option to show all previous versions too.

sounds like it’s for searching, and it’s not mentioned in:

The RESTORE command

but in

The FIND command

Searches in all backup sets, instead of just searching the latest.

Example of find in GUI Commandline of looking for A.txt which is now deleted gives output:

Listing files and versions:
C:\backup source\test 1\A.txt
0	: 6/30/2024 5:01:03 PM  - 
1	: 6/30/2024 5:00:03 PM 1 bytes

or you could also turn all-versions off and go backwards in time through Restore dropdown.

When you find out what the last version having those files was, choose that version and restore.
Turn off all-versions for safety, although I’d guess it will hurt less if you’re in the right version.

FWIW, in my testing, all-versions let me restore a single file from a version after file deletion, however trying to restore the whole folder just restored the file that was remaining in the version.

might suit you, but since it’s not been done, you’ll have to go find what you want another way.

I’m assuming this just means they didn’t show up, without any warnings or errors about things.