Reconnect to existing backup after OS crash

Hello Guys,

My linux station crashed, I had to reinstall everything, but the original data (pictures documenst etc) where saved.
And they are at the same location as before. The only thing I had to do was to make a clean install of the os, which is on a seperate partition. So nothing changed to the partition with the data.

I have a backup of some folder of this data partition on a distant SFTP. I reinstalled Duplicati and copied the old sqlite database, but my old backups do not show up.
Is this SQL database being stored somewhere else if I run duplicatie as a service?

How can I reconnect to these old backups? Without having to backup everything again?

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you have several sqlite databases:

  • the one that holds the config of your backups (stored in ~/.config/Duplicati/Duplicati-server.sqlite of the user that is running the Duplicati.Server application). If you don’t have that sqlite file anymore, you will have to reconfigure everything from scratch. You might need to check if the user that is running the service has that file at that location.
  • for each backup set, another sqlite file which holds the hashes etc. for all backups. This one can be restored from the remote location if you no longer have that one.

@Wim_Jansen is correct with the databases. If you have the backup set / hashes database then after you recreate your backup job (point it to the same destination folder as before) then you can use the “Database …” menu to change the “Local database path” to point to the already existing database.

If you don’t have that sqlite database file (such as from a total system failure or if pointing to it doesn’t work) then you can still use the “Database …” menu to do a Repair (or Recreate) which will use the smaller dindex files from your destination to rebuild your local database.

Note that some users report very long times for database repairs / recreates so you might need to have some patience if doing that step…