Recommendation for Block Size and Volume Size

Hi all,

I have about 500GB that I want to backup locally. What is the recommended Block Size (default 100kb) and Remote Volume Size (default 50MB).

File Distribution is below.

1k: 113513
2k: 18400
4k: 13840
8k: 11254
16k: 13782
32k: 16845
64k: 9819
128k: 5128
256k: 2819
512k: 7379
1M: 3224
2M: 2259
4M: 1198
8M: 983
16M: 689
32M: 395
64M: 191
128M: 94
256M: 55
512M: 64
1G: 50
2G: 20
8G: 2
16G: 1
32G: 2
64G: 1



no need to change remote block size, but you could have better performance by raising the block size a bit at the cost of less deduplication. I’d try maybe 500 kb.

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Agree. Rough rule of thumb is default 100 KB is good for 100 GB backup before it starts to slow due to having too many blocks to process. What exactly is “locally” in terms of storage type and transfer rate?

Increasing the Remote Volume Size talks about this, including how restores can slow when big remote volume size requires downloading multiple dblock files to gather needed blocks. Keeping it small would download better-tailored smaller dblock files, but more of them. It’s a tradeoff between access time and transfer time after access. Any local storage type that has a login might see the login add to the latency.

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Thanks everyone for your replies, much appreciated.

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