Rebuilding Server

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If Duplicati (Windows version) that is connected to Backblaze experienced an issue that is unrecoverable, will a new installation be able to see the files if we connect it back to the same Backblaze bucket and will it still see all the versions?

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Do you happen to have an export of the configuration(s) of your Duplicati backup(s)?

Assuming you’re using the same system, reinstalling Duplicti (if necessary) and importing that config back into Duplicati should “just work.” However, your comment about “unrecoverable” issue, makes me start wondering about that. If the local Duplicati database was impacted as part of the “issue”, you will need to address that, too.

If you don’t have the Duplicati config export, you’d need to make sure you can reconfigure the important pieces exactly the same. Just giving you an example of the “core” items, although assuredly not an exhaustive list:

  • If you’ve encrypted your backup you need to set the encryption type and passphrase
  • Destination type/location/password
  • Source (if you plan to continue backing up. If you’re just restoring, you wouldn’t need this)
  • Duplicati remote volume size and block size

There are many other options within Duplicati, I do not know how many, if any, might be important.

If you’ve lost the local database, you will also need to rebuild the local data base from the remote information.

In theory, assuming your Duplicati data in Backblaze is good, and you don’t run anything like a backup or compact that will touch the remote data, you’ll have some opportunity for trial and error in rebuilding the local Duplicati configuration. Although a warning - some times Duplicati will touch/change the remote data in cases where you might not expect it. If the configuration is not set up properly, that can cause backup data loss. Others here might be able to offer more specific cautions.


This is too vague. Reinstalling Duplicati rarely fixes anything because usually the issue is not its install. Database issue can sometimes be fixed by recreating the database from the destination files, however destination file loss or corruption is hard to recover from. Do you have a specific issue type to discuss?

Some of the answer given (comments on configuration) are for disaster recovery from loss of computer. Configuration is only kept locally unless you copy a job export somewhere to ease return to normal use.

Exporting a backup job configuration makes it easier to get back to your previous backup config routine.
Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost can be used for emergencies. It still needs some data from you that you saved somehow (examples were given) but it doesn’t need e.g. the source file config.

If you’re doing planned server rebuilds, it’s probably faster with less risk to copy files locally beforehand. You can even copy the databases instead of importing configurations and recreating the job databases.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

It is more of a planning for a disaster recovery scenario. Our Duplicati Server is still operational and I can export the config

I am creating a plan wherein if the current server is no longer operational ex. hardware failure and I will need to build a new one.

can I just build a new server and then import the configuration? will the new server be able to connect back to Backblaze and then read the files that were uploaded by the previous server in case we need to restore from the backup?

Thank you.

You need the database first, meaning go to that screen and use the Repair button, and wait (and maybe hope it goes well if this hasn’t ever been tested – testing is good practice to make sure it actually works).