Rebuild database takes lot of time

hi all
i am using the latest version Duplicati - , but still a rebuild of database takes hours. (90 % fast, then wait 2 hours or so).
Maybe, this issue deserves more attention?

I am running Duplicati as a service. In this mode, update usually is not working. The serviceimage never gets updatet. So i do uninstall and then reinstall.

Does it finish successfully? If so, the exhaustive final search phase for missing blocks did its job. Sometimes it looks everywhere and comes up empty anyway. This results in a broken backup…

Have you always been using Beta versions? That would rule out Canary damage to the backup.
Damage from Beta versions before is also a possibility unless initial backup was

What exactly does this mean? The original install never gets updated. A folder of updates does.
Duplicati’s start begins on original install (e.g. Program Files\Duplicati 2 on Windows) then finds whatever the newest update is and runs it. The restart by the UI Activate button doesn’t work on Windows service, however a service restart or system reboot should pick up the update version.

Uninstall and reinstall from the .msi file will also take care of things by updating in Program Files.