Read files on Android phone

I have a WD My Cloud home. Sometime I access my cloud from my Android phone. Is there any way I could read the files on it. Like you have under the RESTORE tab: Where do you want to restore from. Thank you

Do the files have to be Compressed, Encrypted? This I can look at the files on my android phone


sorry but I don’t see the relationship between your problem and Duplicati. Could you be more specific ?

I can access my storage unit from my phone. But because it’s encrypted and compressed, I can’t download and at less read it. My question is does it have to be encrypted and compressed. Or at less is there a program that I can use to read the files on my phone?

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I’m guessing you have a computer backed up to the storage unit and want to get the computer’s source files from phone. Duplicati is not a sync program, so only Duplicati or a compatible program can restore.

Accessing Duplicati on your computer from your phone is possible if you set its Settings to allow remote access, however you’d have to then find a way to get that file to your phone. Various apps for that exist.

I’m not that familiar with My Cloud, but maybe computer can network to that to put restore on My Cloud, where you can pick it up on the phone. If that doesn’t work, a web search will suggest some other ways.

If you really meant “any way”, I think My Cloud supports SSH. Maybe you could install a program there. Don’t have two Duplicati backing up to one folder. Safe but very slow is Direct restore from backup files.

So it kind of depends on how badly you want this, and how much work you’re willing to do to set this up.

I might be totally misunderstanding you. That screen is where backup is. Isn’t yours where to restore to?