Rclone config for duplicati

Hi all,

Im trying to set up duplicati on my Open Media Vault for a Rclone encrypted config. I don’t know what to set on local repository, remote repository and remote path…

Any help? Thanks in advance!

You should create a rclone config pointing to your local disk and one to the encrypted remote. Put those names in the fields. If you use a subfolder in the remote side, put that in the remote path.

Basically, it will run as rclone copy local:/some/path remote:remote_path

Hi, I know this thread is old so if it’s inappropriate then let me know and I’ll make another thread.
Basically I have the same question:
I have a hard time understanding these rclone specific values:
Also, how does Duplicati know where the rclone config file is located at?
One thing I understand is put rclone path into “rclone-executable” under Advanced Option in Duplicati.
How about the config file?

Make sure you have rclone configured with two backends. One local, and one remote.

Enter the names of those backend in the options.
The remote path should refer to a folder on the remote backend.

You do not have to tell where the config is stored.

You meant configure by running “rclone config” in CMD? Currently I have several cloud remotes configured and running this way but not sure about local backend.
Do I just go like:
rclone.exe config
New Remote
Remote Name:____
Option 17 (“Local Disk”?)

Then put the newly created “local name” into Duplicati Local repository? What exactly does this local backend do?
I’m kind of confused between rclone’s local backend and Duplicati’s source data.
I want to copy file from local folder to gdrive.

rclone local disk is used to store the temporary files (dblock,dlist,dindex) that will be uploaded to the backend. It has no relation to your source data.

The backend probably could have been implemented without use of this local backend.