Raspberry 3 target (by ssh) with 3TB external drive

Dear members,

I have been using Duplicati for a while now. Made several jobs to back up files from a windows 10 home pc to a raspberry pi 3 with a 3TB external usb disk.
Most jobs did well for a while, but 4 out of 5 failed at some point with a missing file message and a call to run repair.
Repair never worked.
The only job that is still working is a rather small job.
So, I started thinking failing has got something to do with job-size, file-size, block-size?
The target raspi is on a 100Mb intranet and maybe not up to standards qua hardware?

I really need advice to get this working for at least 180 days in a row.


As a destination there shouldn’t be very much needed hardware wise. That being said, if you’ve got other things going on the device it’s possible something “overloaded” and got dropped.

Did all 4 of your failed jobs have the same error message? Did they all have the same type of config such as dblock / upload volume size?

Thanks for reacting.
The raspi has only one task: receiving files. It is not used for anything else.

I am not sure if they all had the same error message. What I remember is that they all needed repair and they all failed to repair for some reason.
Yesterday I concentrated on one job and while repairing it it came with a message:
"No files were found at the remote location, perhaps the target url is incorrect?". So I immediately checked the connection and that worked fine. Flabbergasted.
Also, I found some files on the remote raspi. crp

Concerning the configs: They probably all had default settings. Tried to change some, but that leads to complaints.

But what to do if with the duplicati local and remote files of the backups are not repairable. Is dumping the local .sqlite files enough. Is there still any use for the remote files?

If all your files needed repair, my guess is there’s a communications issue somewhere between Duplicati and the Raspi destination.

You might want to try using the main menu “Restore” option and choose “Direct restore from backup files…” to see if you can restore from your destination.

To debug this, I’d recommend maybe changing your backup destination to a local folder and running a few backups. If they work fine, then we can be confident there’s nothing wrong with the local system / Duplicati installation.

After a few good local runs, try manually copying all the files to your Raspi destination and change the backup job to point there. If errors start getting reported, then we’ve isolated the problem to something outside your local computer.

If the remote files are of good quality (especially the dblock files), then a database REPAIR should do the trick. If it doesn’t, a database RECREATE (delete and create) will dump the local .sqlite file and rebuild it based on what can actually be obtained from the destination.

Of course if the destination files are not good, then your recreated database won’t do much for you (assuming it can be created at all).

Again, assuming the remove files are not damaged, the ARE useful for database repairs and restores. Even if you can’t repair / recreate the local database, you can still do a restore directly from the destination.

Thank you. I’am following your advice concerning the troubleshooting.

I will come back here to tell about the results.

Thanks again,