Question: Backup of the duplicati config files using duplicati itself

I think having a complete backup of the duplicati config files, databases (the whole directory
C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Duplicati), is a good idea in case of a failing system (C:) drive.

My question is (and I tried this today): Makes it sense to backup this files using a duplicati job ?
Of course the local db file of this backup job itself is in use in this case - but the backup worked - just
the lock files (->should be excluded) are givig a warning.

Personally I record all job configuration detail in a secure location, so it’s pretty easy to recreate jobs in case of a full system failure.

But I see the attraction of backing up Duplicati-server.sqlite. If you do, I’d probably do it outside of Duplicati. Just make sure it is stored securely as it contains sensitive information.

wouldn’t it be a perfect feature allowing duplicati itself doing this backup -
it’s already a backup software - why using anything else to backup duplicati’s central repository files.
Duplicati has full control if any of the sqlite files (incl. the local DBs) are in use or not - so this is perfect to get a fully consistent backup - maybe it’s just a zip of the whole C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Duplicati directory to a specifyable location in zip-file( plus a time-stamp) and a specifyable number of
generations of this to hold to hold.

If you use Duplicati to back up the database, it eliminates much of the benefit of doing it in the first place.

If there was a system failure and you lost your local Duplicati configuration, you would have to manually recreate the backup job used to protect the Duplicati-server.sqlite backup file. So you would have needed to record information about the remote storage side: url, access key, encryption passphrase, etc, before you could even attempt to restore the file. That’s already most of the work right there, so you’re eliminating most of the benefit of backing up Duplicati-server.sqlite.

Plus backing up that file with Duplicati may not work anyway. I think the file is locked while Duplicati is running, so unless you are using snapshots Duplicati will probably fail to back it up.

I don’t think you need to back up the other (job specific) sqlite files. They can be regenerated as needed. (That being said, there is a flaw in the current Beta version that may make this process take a long time, but it’s fixed in Canary.)

For DR purposes it’s probably fine to just back up the Duplicati-server.sqlite file to a secure location. Maybe AES256 password-protected 7zip file in Dropbox, for instance. You should only need to make new backups of this file when you make changes to the jobs or main settings.

I would also record the job configuration detail somewhere securely: remote URL, authentication, encryption, etc.

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