Proxy Settings for FTP

I’m currently using Duplicati for backups on a couple of my servers. One of my servers can directly access my FTP backup storage, but the other can’t due to network restrictions. I’m exploring ways to route FTP backup traffic through a proxy.

Before I implement a workaround, I want to make sure I’m not overlooking a built-in feature in Duplicati. I’ve searched through the forum and the official documentation but haven’t found clear information on this.

My question is: Does Duplicati natively support setting a proxy for FTP or FTP Alternative storage types? I’m aware of the proxy support for S3 and compatible services, but I’m specifically interested in knowing if there’s a way to configure Duplicati to send FTP traffic through a proxy server.

Any guidance or pointers to relevant documentation would be greatly appreciated. If this feature isn’t available, I’m considering setting up a local FTP relay/proxy that would forward requests through my existing Dante proxy. However, a native solution within Duplicati would be preferable.

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I doubt it. Looking through the source code, there aren’t words involving proxy it would need.

Just in case there is magic below, you could test after setting environment variables such as:

HTTP_PROXY (might break other things), and FTP_PROXY, which some systems will follow.

FTP and proxies for the rather aged Microsoft FTP veers into Internet Explorer and variables.
On .NET Framework gives some specifics that might not be supported after .NET Framework
so if you find some odd way to configure the proxy, it might not work on some future Duplicati.

FTP (Alternative) is FluentFTP, whose proxy support seems invoked like this from its program.

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