Progress indication while restoring

Just learned the tru power of all your amazing work while having to restore some lost data - fantastically easy and flawless.

One improvement that could make the experience even better would be, if it is possible, to add a progress indicator of how many files/mb/gb is being downloaded/missing before completion. The current “downloading files” massage is not so informative.

Thanks again for amazing work!


Yes, we really should put in more effort into the progress bar.

The information is there, but it is hard to get something that looks nice as well.

even just a % indicator would be fine i think


I just switched to the 2.0 beta stream after using 1.3.4 for some while. I am right now qualifying it for my private needs. In my attempt of restoring some files, I nearly gave up, since there was no progress indication. So I vote for this feature :slight_smile:

In case no UI supportis planned: Is there any other way to observe the progress? I.e. truning on some log level and seeing which files are in progress, done, ets…

You can go to the general log area and use the “Live log” which shows what it is doing. Not formatted in any nice way though.

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I think progress indication is very important, because otherwise the computer illiterate may think, there is no progress happening.And they will not find the live log.
Also, if you restore without having a configuration. It will rebuild a temporary database. No progress is displayed, you cannot know if it will take minutes or hours…


progress of downloading files to restore is better than nothing).