Progress bar "Next scheduled' timing

I have a backup scheduled daily at 1PM. Last night (after 1 PM) I edited my backup set, started a manual backup, left the UI window open, and just let the computer run and hibernate when finished.

This morning (before 1 PM) I noticed the progress bar copy says “Next scheduled task: Test Backup Tomorrow at 1:00 PM” and it got me wondering if:

  1. (most like) the “Tomorrow” part is stale from yesterday and really means today OR
  2. (less likely) yesterday’s post-scheduled time manual run “took over” today’s scheduled run so the next run really will be tomorrow

I’ll try to find some time today to dig through the code and see if I can confirm my suspicion of #1 myself, but I figured I’d ask here in case somebody else has already figured it out.

Any chance the page rendered prior to midnight? I’d be pretty surprised if the language updated without needing to refresh the browser - just by the nature of web interfaces etc.

The page probably didn’t, but the bar probably did - since I left it up while running a manual backup the progress bar was being updated as things, well, progressed. I assume the backup job finished before midnight, changed from “To go” mode to the “Next scheduled” mode which -
at the time - was correctly tomorrow.

I guess my question is whether or not it’s confusing to an end user to have dynamic / current content on the bar while backing up but (apparently) static (possible stale) content in other “modes”.

If what I think is happening is actually happening then I would think options include:

  1. ignore it (I’m the only one who cares)
  2. make the “next scheduled” mode dynamic such that it updates every X min. (in case a date rollover has occured)
  3. make the “next scheduled” mode content itself schedulable such that when “tomorrow” is part of the text, a javascript event is scheduled for 12:01 AM the next day to refesh content

To me #3 is preferred as it has lower overhead than #2, however I don’t know what other areas of the interface might potentially benefit from such a feature so it may not be the best solution overall (or AT all).

IIRC it uses the “timeago.js” module. I think it is possible to request a refresh of the dates, and we should do that (maybe every 5 min or so to preserve power).

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