Problems receiving the report by email

I am having difficulty receiving the email report from duplicati being that I am already using the following settings as the documentation teaches.

–send-mail-subject=Duplicati %OPERATIONNAME% report for %backup-name%

Can anybody help me?

Hello @Winsgton and welcome to the forum!

First, are those lines just a way of describing web UI fields, or are they on a command line? If the latter, you need some quotes around any values that contain spaces (and maybe % on Windows) to be read properly.

Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs using the Live viewer (i.e. About --> Show log --> Live) at Profiling level should show it attempting to send an email after the operation. If it’s not trying, that’s a clue. If it’s there and having some problem, then the transcript of its dialog with the email server might show something helpful.

Is mail server’s port 587 expecting TLS? If so, maybe it would help to add a /?starttls=always after 587.