Problem with copies if one day it is not done

Problem with copies if one day it is not done

It happened to me that one day the backup copy was not made with the software.
So, when I turned on the PC with Windows, it started the copy.

The problem I have with this option is that I have told the configuration to turn off the PC once the backup has finished. Then it turns it off and of course I can be working at that moment.

Is there a way to disable the option that it brings by default and which is called “If the date is passed, the job will be executed as soon as possible”?

I don’t think there is an option to only run jobs at the scheduled time and ignore missed jobs. I have a few suggestions for your situation:

  • You can export the job to the command line and run it using the Windows task scheduler and remove the server schedule. That might have more configuration options. However, you can’t see or pause the operation in the UI then.
  • You can check for the current time in the shutdown script and see if it is proper to do a shutdown at that time. This would need some thought about how long the backup is expected to take.
  • Maybe you can show some sort of dialog to stop the shutdown in the script?
    start cmd /C "PAUSE && shutdown /a" would abort the shutdown when a key is pressed.
    This would still be annoying, but at least you would have an easy way to stop the shutdown. In combination with one of the other options this could be a fallback solution.

Thanks for answering.
I see it a bit cumbersome and too manual, which is not the idea.

You should be able to have this option enabled to leave it on or off graphically speaking.

Another possibility is to set a delay to auto-pause Duplicati at startup, by 1 hour for example. Then it’s up to you to remember that there was some missed backup, and then after restarting the computer you will be able to reschedule the backup by editing the ‘next time’. I did not test it to be candid but it should work :slight_smile:

Everything would be much simpler if the software had the option (type check) if you want to make a copy of lost days.

Because, what happens if I go on vacation? When he comes back the same thing happens to him, he’s going to want to do it.

Is my thought.

…was perfect ? Yeah, right. Just let’s do it.

It would be great if he was.

I don’t know if from here we can give advice or suggestions to the creators of the software. This could create more powerful software.

Suggestions are welcome, but they must be weighed against demand and development resources:


You chose a support topic with a question. Specifically you asked:

The answer was “no”, and multiple people gave suggestions for workarounds which you didn’t care for.

If you wish to open a feature request, please do so, however there are hugely more requests than can possibly be done. Also, developers sometimes work from GitHub issues because forum lacks tracking.

If you open a feature request in either place, please pick an appropriate title. Nobody will recognize the one used on this topic, otherwise I could simply change the category for you. Maybe you can post here:

which sounds like your request but only you know for sure. Your scheduling does puzzle me somewhat. Maybe you schedule for after you usually finish use, and if you stay later than that it will reboot on you?

shutdown (if that is what you use) does show a 30 second warning which you can make longer with /t.

If you’re willing to script, looking at time /t or %TIME% could be used to detect too-early-in-day backup. Example Scripts shows how you can stop a too-early-in-day run, making it wait for a scheduled late run.