Problem using Oracle S3 compatible storage


I’ve spent a hole day trying to troubleshoot it, but without success.
I’m trying to use Oracle S3 Compatible Object Storage with Duplicati but i’m not able to do backups with it. it seems that it can connect and can list files, but cannot PUT files in it. Here’s a log of a backup operation and Verbose outputs.

Anyone can help me? I really need this working :frowning:

duplicati (2.6 KB)

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Did you choose “Amazon S3” or did you choose “S3 Compatible” in your backup configuration?


i choosed S3 Compatible.

Does it help to set s3-ext-signatureversion to 2 (instead of the default 4) in Advanced options?

Sometimes compatible storage is just mostly compatible. Version 2 worked around the issue below:

‘s3 compatible’ storage does not work with Signature version 4 #3970

and probably went into the writeup below, which might give some other ideas on working with yours:

Home > Third-Party Tools > Duplicati

I’m starting to wonder if it may be non-support for Signature Version 4 doing this?

Have you asked your service provider? I’d hope they have an idea of what compatibility issues exist.


Make S3 Signature v4 Streaming Optional #523

This causes compatibility issues with S3-compatible object storage services that support v4 sigs but not streaming; for example, minio and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

S3 compatible connection settings

enable_signature_v4_streaming Set to true to enable HTTP chunked transfers with AWS v4 signatures. Oracle Cloud S3 needs this to be false

OpenStack Object Storage (swift) – Support for Sigv4-streaming


Container for the parameters to the PutObject operation.
UseChunkEncoding If this value is set to true then a chunked encoding upload will be used for the request. Default: true.

Hi ts678, thanks for your help.

Using s3-ext-signatureversion = 2 just make it not pass the connection test. It refuses to connect.
If it is Signature V4 Streaming doing this, i have no clue on what to do.
I’ve already opened a ticket with their support, and i’ll add all information you gave me to try helping them.