Problem installing duplicati 2.0 on debian squeeze (6)


I’m trying to install duplicati 2.0 on a headless debian squeeze ( nas, which I cannot upgrade to a newer version of debian due to hardware restrictions.

I followed headless installation instructions from the duplicati forum.

I installed mono-devel to the nas and it’s running v.2.6.7, which is probably too old because the duplicati server is not starting.

How to install a newer mono-devel version, maybe from sources or is this a lost cause on debian squeeze ?


How are you trying to start Duplicati?

Since you are running Debian squeeze, you are still using sysvinit I believe. I was also running Debian w/ sysvinit last year and I had to create my own init script for Duplicati. Back then Duplicati only supported systemd (not sure if that is still the case).

If you need help with the init script let me know and I’ll find my post where I shared mine.

If you are past that and Duplicati just won’t start then maybe using a newer version of Mono will help.

Using the init script from github:

Newer mono version will probably cut it, but how to install it? It’s an armel nas…

OK yeah that’s the init script I wrote and they said they were going to include it. Glad to see it made it.

First thing I’d check is Debian backports to see if they released a newer mono version for squeeze.

Well thanks for the init script I guess.
The debian backports repo does not support a newer version of mono, lots of complaints about it, so probably only option is to install from github source and compile, but than likely dependency hell ahead, so looking for anyone here with duplicati squeeze install experience as I’m trying to avoid entering into a potential rabbit hole…

Yeah I try to avoid doing manual software installs on Debian… it can definitely be painful sometimes.
I’m curious about this so I may try to mess around with it. Are you running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of squeeze?

Did you install Duplicati from the deb package? Because I can’t even get that far. It says that mono > 3 is required, and as you mentioned above squeeze only has 2.something.

I dunno, you may be better off running duplicati on another machine and backing up the NAS that way instead of trying to run duplicati locally on the NAS.

It’s on a 32 bit nas (armel arch)…
I installed from the zip file following the headless install guide I found on the forum.
It is an experiment and maybe you are right and I will take your advice, but atm not ready for that yet…
Thanks your replies.