Problem getting confirmation email when backup job completes

I’m having trouble getting the backup email report working; I’m not seeing any errors in the job log but I do not appear to be receiving any emails, either. I’ve checked my spam folder as well and see nothing there.

I’m running Duplicati on Windows 10.

I have tested using the command line and do successfully receive an email:

Duplicati.CommandLine.exe send-mail --send-mail-to=[redacted] --accept-specified-ssl-hash=[redacted] --send-mail-username=[redacted] --send-mail-password=[redacted] --send-mail-any-operation=true --verbose --log-level=profiling --send-mail-from=[redacted]

I then copied/pasted these same settings into the global settings:


but then don’t see anything come through after the backup completes. I don’t see any errors reported in the job log, either. Any advice on what else to check or try? Thanks!

In the GUI if you use the backp job menu to select “Advanced” then “Commandline…” you should be able to select a command of send-mail and click the Run "send-mail" command now button at the bottom of the screen.

If you get a response of:

Command takes no arguments
Return code: 200

Then try again but make sure to delete anything from the “Target URL >” and “
Commandline arguments” text blocks. (Don’t worry, those are automatically filled and the remove of the text won’t be “saved”.)

If you get Return code: 0 then you should also be getting an email.

If that test doesn’t work then there’s a good chance something is incorrectly quoted or escaped in the global web GUI settings.

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Thanks! I followed those instructions, via the GUI, and did receive an email:

I also just updated to the latest experimental, wondering if there was some old bug or something that might have been affecting it? I’m going to poke at it some more and see if I can narrow it down more.

That’s good!

When you ran the backup as a command line and got an email was that command manually built or did you export the backup job “As command-line” and run that?