Previous backups missing in UI

I am using duplicati for more than a year to back up different parts of my computer. A few days ago I was checking the latest backups via the web UI and saw every backup job had a “Version” count of 1.
When I try to restore files of a backup, I am able to select a single backup only instead of the others I created within the past year…

The zip files do exist within their destination folder. How can I make duplicati aware of the previously run backups?

Can you give details about your retention settings, maybe a screen shot?
How many “dlist” files do you see on the back end storage?

In my backend storage are 17 dlist files for my “Thunderbird” backup:

07.03.2021  12:22         1.620.185
01.06.2021  21:14         1.759.107
03.07.2021  10:27         1.831.076
01.09.2021  21:28         1.910.140
01.11.2021  20:23         1.986.814
13.12.2021  12:31         2.048.062
24.01.2022  18:53         2.076.804
07.03.2022  19:10         2.102.094
18.04.2022  12:08         2.142.328
30.05.2022  20:29         2.174.102
13.06.2022  18:51         2.187.870
28.06.2022  18:18         2.209.960
26.07.2022  18:31         2.204.955
10.08.2022  18:12         2.203.128
26.08.2022  18:42         2.216.824
08.09.2022  19:25         2.237.472
19.09.2022  19:52         2.231.722

The retention setting for this backup is: 1Y:1M,2Y:2M,3Y:6M

The protocol page currently shows these entries:

Protokolldaten für **Thunderbird**
* 2. Apr. 2021 10:30 - Operation: Backup
* 23. Mrz. 2021 20:23 - Operation: Backup
* 23. Mrz. 2021 20:17 - Operation: Reparieren

For me it looks like the backups are available but duplicati does not know about these anymore.

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What do “Next scheduled run” and “Last successful backup” two lines above that show? For example:


The “Next scheduled task” should also be seen in the status bar, assuming you’re scheduling from UI.

The dlist file times look irregular, suggesting maybe there’s not a schedule, but manual runs.
That’s OK, but Last successful backup should be updated if you did the backups from UI.
This file listing has numerous inconsistencies with 1M retention setting. Look at the last ones.

In English, that was <job> → About → Show log → General (the default). What’s in Remote?
Do you see signs of the job uploading any recent files such as you show? Here’s an example:


For your job, put should be seen in its remote log.
If not, you might be running backups from a different Duplicati, or maybe using the Duplicati CLI.

The database screen will show the local database path. You can look at the files there to look for
ones there that might correspond to your recent dlist files, and check time on DB for the GUI job.

If there are no recent databases in the folder, maybe you’re running backups as some other user.
Databases tend to live in home directories. You can also look at what Duplicati processes are up.

D’oh… Right…
I forgot to not start the Duplicati application and instead to connect to the already running service. Doing so I can see all my previous backups. Got to rename this exe… :smile:

Thanks for your help all!

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You can start Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe with --no-hosted-server to have it use the service’s server.
This gets trickier if the GUI is password protected though.