Prefill forms on new backup

Couple scenarios.

I am installing the backup on 100+ computers. The only difference between the computers will be the path where it’s stored.

Can I install on a test pc. Set everything I want, skipping folders to backup. Then go to each computer and then upload that configuration and change path and select the folders i want? Will this work on different computers?

Or is there an xml file or something I can put in the same path as installer that it will read and prefill?

I was thinking of downloading the source and removing all backup types besides SFTP and prefilling via the html files but don’t know the best methods as I am still learning and looking at the software.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @kip and welcome to the forum!

The web UI won’t let you save a job until you pick something to backup, and various other minimal things, however you could certainly set some placeholder value which you would then configure on the computer. Typing entries manually (instead of with the file picker) will even allow you to willfully set nonexistent ones.

After making a template, you would Configuration --> Export and then go around to do “Import from a file”.

If you prefer not having the web UI, Export can also do “As Command-line” which you could distribute, but computer users wouldn’t have the web UI, and you would also be missing the scheduling that Server does.

If you want to get into really heavy customization, Branding and OEM customization describes the options.

Which way to go may depend on your preferences about distribution, user capabilities, and supportability.