Pre-seed another cloud destination?

What I’m asking is somewhat like moving between cloud providers, but not quite.

I’m considering what it would take to duplicate my backups to two cloud destinations. I can think of two ways to do this:

  • Duplicati backs up to A, use a VPS with rysnc, rclone, or multicloud or similar to sync the files from A to B
  • Duplicati has two backup jobs, identical in every way except the destinations are different.

Does anyone have advice on one way or the other?

Also, if I went with the second option, I would really like to pre-seed the “B” destination with the current backup files from “A”. I’ve a few forum posts that make me think this is possible, but I haven’t seen a step by step. Is it just this?

  1. On my own, copy duplicati files from A to B.
  2. In Duplicati, create new backup job for B
  3. In Duplicati, repair the database for job B? How long will this take for ~1TB?

Both options should work. I guess it’s a matter of personal preference… 2nd option means also twice uploading of the data.

For that 2nd option: you don’t need to repair, you just need to copy the backup database of A, and in backup job B change the DB to the copy of that database.