Praise as for migration to new PC/Windows

I was easily able to transfer Duplicati to a new Windows, which has similar paths. I just copied %LOCALAPPDATA%\Duplicati\ to the similar place into the new system. Duplicati was just working as before, just had to change the color scheme. Great! My other backup software just threw me to the hard ground, having to reconfigure everything from scratch. Did absolutely not work in a similar fashion.

Once again I am thinking about complexity of backup software. In case I die, for instance. I am an IT guy and it is by far not easy to do a restore. Realistically, backups are worth nothing in such a case. Nobody would ever restore stuff. It’s the reason, why e.g. I put things like documents or the picture collection (starting from year 2000!) unencrypted onto an M-Disk, to the bank safe.


Your idea about keeping files unencrypted in the bank safe is smart. Never thought of that before. What I have done personally is to keep a drive mirror with BitLocker encryption on a hard drive at one family member’s house, giving the BitLocker key to another family member so that they can access our files in the event something happens. However, if you’re already paying for a safe deposit box anyhow, this is a great idea.

Well I experienced, that after all, a) encryption/decryption is difficult for average people. And b) sooner than you may guess your stuff goes to the garbage bin.