Possible to suppress warnings - only show "X" for Errors?

Is there any way to suppress all Warnings (so the “X” icon doesn’t show in my Mac task bar if there are warnings but the backup completes without error) but not for Errors (those deserve the “X”)?



Is there no way to suppress Warnings?

Sorry for the delay - as far as I know (and I certainly could be wrong) there’s no way to disable the warnings that one would see in the web GUI which (depending on OS) then passed on to the operating system notification service.

In general I think we prefer to try and handle the source of the warnings rather than silencing them, however I can see that some users might prefer the latter.

With that in mind I’ve moved this topic to the #features section to see what sort of support can be drummed up for it. :slight_smile:

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I also think it would be nice to have the option to disable warnings. Even though warnings show up, my backup seems to run OK. And I am sure that warnings will put a lot of people off and they will stop using duplicati.

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Along these lines I would like the tray icon to be yellow with an exclamation for warnings instead of it looking like an error.

Informational notifications should make the icon blue with a lower case “i” (like version upgrade notifications).

I would also endorse the idea to suppress warnings.

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There is a case that I can’t work around easily where ignoring warnings would help. It would be best to ignore just the specific warnings (maybe with a filter?). Better would be to fix the cause of all the underlying warnings, of course, but that’s gonna be hard.

I’ve already filtered to ignore the directories involved, but the warning is triggered before the filter is applied.

There needs to be a way to disable warning notifications, and only have critical warnings pop up in Windows. Emailing notifications is a great feature, but I am not setting it up because of all the useless warning emails I would get. It would be better yet if we could toggle each notification type on or off.

I wonder why you are getting so many warning messages. On my systems I rarely get them.

What are the nature of your warning messages? Is it because the files are locked open? One solution to that is to utilize VSS snapshots.

Or is it because you are trying to back up the entire C: drive? I wouldn’t do that as Duplicati is not capable of doing a full system restore. I would only use it to protect your user files.

It is because files are always locked open. Thanks for the tip, I will play around with the snapshot-policy setting.