Portable device triggered backup

I’m creating this as an alternative to the following (which I believe is geared towards a local install of Duplicati starting a backup on detection of a destination becoming available). But feel free to declare this a duplicate.

I’m wondering if anybody has considered (or accomplished) using a portable install of Duplicatii installed on a USB drive to run backups of whatever machine into which it’s inserted? This could be “triggered” either by manually running a “back up this machine” link in the root of the drive or using auto-run features (that I know are in Windows, not sure about Linux or MacOS/OSX).

I’m picturing something that could:

  1. “identify” the machine in some way
  2. use the machine identity to unique-ify the configuration and destination folder on the USB drive
  3. start a backup of the based on the machine-unique configuration

I realize this isn’t quite what Duplicati was designed for and that there are plenty of USB drives that come with this type of software built in - but I like (and trust) how Duplicati handles it’s backups.

Rather than sending the source data to the destination, bring the destination to the source!